Keeping traditions alive in a new style

We love the campaign which we created for The Museum of Ethnography, because it is the perfect example how an institution with a traditional purpose can be redesigned in a modern style. Especially if their employees are helpful and are willing to create something new as much as we do.
The joint work resulted in a campaign attracting new visitor groups, and changing themuseum’s inside and outside image as well.

Our creative concept places three objects of the museum’s three exhibitions into today’s environment. On the drawings we made the special, old pieces are being used by people from the present, in front of Budapest’s current landscapes.
The signs on the columns (Value, Experience, Human, Memory) are surrounded by different ethnographic symbols while they promote the most important concepts of the discipline.
In our opinion we managed to create something very special again with this campaign.


Supporting tools:

  • Outdoor billboard
  • Column decorations
  • Direction boards
  • Information billboards
  • Microsites
  • Communication workshop