An efficient and inspiring competency-development tool

Practify is an international start-up, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

Their ambitious vision is to transform competency development by increasing its efficiency exponentially. A great potential with complex branding challenges.

The company has a huge professional background; their team includes psychologists, brain researchers, trainers and many experts in other related fields. The topic is very exciting but is as least ascomplex as well, therefore communicating how the method works and what its advantages are was very challenging.

Finally we came up with some key messages that made the topic understandable for everyone. The company has achieved great success in Hungary since then, and has entered the international market with our help. They have gained two round of investment, and were among the finalist of Get in the Ring startup competition’s Eastern Europe round.

Supporting tools:

  • Full marketing strategy
  • Image films
  • Creative concept
  • Full visual concept
  • Animation film
  • Photo shoots
  • Facebook communication
  • Webdesign