Sailing on the startup ocean

Startupcoaching is a complex solution for startups and young entrepreneurs. It helps them maximize their productivity and deepen their business intelligence. We have created a simple, modern and colorful brand image through a complex service package. It was very important for us to seperate the brand concept from all industry clichés. We needed to develop a lovable brand that incorporates all services and is able to tell a personal story.

The main storyline and brand visualization is based on sailing: it’s a beloved childhood dream to be a sailor, it takes courage and action to actually become one, and sailing leads to the unknown to be explored . Our continuous improvement consultancy and out-of-the-box thinking with our client had its result. Our drawings, vector graphics and physical products resulted in a compact, very friendly brand identity.


Supporting tools:

  • Website
  • Facebook design
  • Business cards
  • Visual concept