“We always were in awe of the fresh dynamism and unparalleled creativity of Style Communications. We definitely do not recommend them to anyone, we would like to share as little of their focus as possible.”

Áron Dankó
Brand manager, Globus Hungária

“Stylecom is a very special fusion of bright creativity, strategic thinking, human sensitivity, care and cheerfulness. They have literally climbed a mountain with us to achieve the best results. Together”

László Eszes, manager
Level9 Consulting

“Stylecom? They perform targeted communications strategy with a great style. We learn a lot from them. Thank you!”

Mirjam Kertész, manager
Coninvest Kitchen Techology & Interior Desing

“They don’t see what cannot be done and why, but they keep asking questions in order to get a better understanding of the situation and they always start each job with a can do attitude.They come up with real solutions and ideas.”

Richárd Gurzó, project coordinator
Corporate Values (COVA)

“I love working with them, because what they deliver is always great and is of the highest quality. I am often asked about my blog’s and my business cards’ design, and I am always proud to say StyleCommunication. They tune to my taste all the time, and on the top of that they always add some extra that makes the whole thing special.” 

Eszter Avar

“We have started to improve the tools of Men’s Club together. We’ve created reality from an idea. They didn’t just identify themselves completely with my philosophy, but they have helped me as friends all along the way. May it be an idea, organizative tasks, implementation, they are perfectionists all the time. If I had to highlight only two things that would be creativity and design. It is great to act together with them; in my case, their dynamics did not only help me to realize a working phase, but a social mission as well.”

Imre Bedő, founder
Men’s Club

“The Stylecom Team does not know any compromise when it comes to discovering and reaching their client’s goals. They motivate your work, so I keep on learning a lot from our cooperation.”

Attila Molnár, Coach

“Due to the team of StyleCommunications, our initiative of improving public speaking skills is getting more and more popular.
They support our efforts with many great ideas and they also manage to implement them all. They organize, follow up and check every detail of their events personally”

William Benko, founder
Speak Academy

“I got in touch with Stylecom during our organization development project, having made our new website together. In the course of their work I experienced professionalism, creativity, meaningful formal and informal relations in a way that makes me very proud of the outcome. I had rarely worked with teams before where deadlines and quality were not only promises,but instead, reality! I loved each and every minute of creating together.”

Zsuzsa Kanev, marketing and PR manager
NiT Hungary

“Through every step of your job, you take into consideration the client’s possibilites, ensuring the most unique solution for each project. Your aim is also to get to know the client’s personality, not only the business goals or market situation.
Besides, you keep the deadlines as well as your words accurately and you are even very nice.”

Osvaldo Zequeira, coach
Salsa Fitness

“Stylecom has supported our job since the very beginning. They belong to that minority who actually fulfill their commitments. They don’t only give their ideas. They stand out there, design the plans and start implementing them immediately . They are multifunctional. Itnever mattered whether they had to make a video, design a giant board game or manage social media posts, they always just got to the task and realized it. In an excellent manner Thank you!”

Gergely Szertics, CEO
Analogy, Practify

“Working together was always very efficient. I especially liked the fact how Stylecom’s Team could react to every single problem so quickly and worthily there were no question marks. Thank you!”

Gergő Prauda, CEO
Mártogatós Sauce Bistro

“I really love working with you, because you have the most valuable attitude- your aim is to get to know your partners as much as possible, with regards to their operations as well as their goals so that you can personalize the design in the most efficient way. You are open to every solution, even if we make changes minute by minute. You contribute to our work with lots of creative ideas. You are ready and competent to make the best ideas happen with the best price, hence supporting our cost-efficiency. Meanwhile you are even a very cheerful team that results in the spirit of our cooperation. Thank you! ”

Judit Solti, managing director

“Stylecom provided us with such visual solutions for our web softwares like if they came from the near future. Therefore, we kept the fresh and modern feeling much longer. Even now in 2016, I have meetings where I have to show our case manager site to prospect new customers. As soon as they look at the login page, I can notice the sparkle in their eyes. They haven’t even seen how the system works, but Stylecom’s graphical works of 2012 have already drawn their attention. “

Ákos Török, CEO

“Working with them was a pleasure, and so it was efficient and useful. They have a really great sense of how to transform thoughts into extraordinary forms.”

László Károlyi

CEO, Legrand co.ltd.
Founder of Károlyi Business Solution