Style Communications is a branding communication agency that has been running since 2010. We have such professionals on board who are passionate about their work, besides they consider the art of brand management as their hobby and avocation.

What we love

We love dynamic projects with short deadlines and we don’t like to delay the tasks as one of our main accelerators is our creative energy and diversity itself.

We are not afraid of new tasks or fields of work, moreover we consider them as challenges. We face each of our new projects with our youthful approach.

Being a small and flexible agency, we are able to make our work and decision making process way more efficient by having a simple and fast information flow.

All of these benefits result in higher flexibility as we don’t have to stick to strict administrative regulations within the company.

We customize our plans for each of our clients because we consider very important to dedicate enough time to every one of them. This way we are able to get to know our clients better, hence understand and react to their actual and real needs. This is key to us.

We think this is the reason why we have worked so far with several type of companies. We already have experience in the non-profit, public, and private sector with multinational and start-up companies as well.

Moreover, we totally understand what it is like to manage your own company and brand, as we have created our own start-up, called Kitchy Design.

How do we do all this?

We love innovation, creativity and humour. We do not work with average solutions and „recycled” patterns, there is no such thing as two same tasks. We are thinking in quality concepts in a complex way.


We have worked together so far with almost every kind of companies, having experienced what are the non-profit, governal, corporate, smallbusiness, and start-up needs.


At the early stages we are centering our energy to find a common platform with our clients. It allows us to understand their needs and exact problems they are facing in order to find the right solution together. We perform market research, analysis, interviews and we define strategies.


We believe in dreams. However we know that we can only make them come true by concretizing the targets and actions and by consciously planning every single step of the way. We create customized action plans, then we deal with the design and scheduling.


The period of creation is really exciting, when we can see our idea evolving day by day. We manage the details, we are proactive, we draw, we are dealing with programming and we make videos – using our solution focused approach along the way.


Once the time comes, we have to let the creature discover its own way. We test it, we assemble is, we render it, we zip it, we teach it, we introduce it, we get it approved and finally we release it.


Sometimes we happen to be surprised when we hear that it completed the marathon alone. It works. We close it up, we do the paperwork and the documen tation, we prepare the bill, we are happy.

(Then we are waiting for it to return, because meanwhile we realized how fascinating would it be after having learnt how to run, it would be able to ride a horse.)