Strategy and conceptualization

Analogy, formerly known as Analogy Dialogue, is a very unique startup, specializing in a completely new field of semantic search and virtual intelligence development.

As Analogy evolved and took off to be an international innovation we needed to re-think the brand’s business model and strategy. The technological development demanded the brand image to follow.

One of their innovations, the so called „beads” acts as a node for the strings of information that builds up in the artificial intelligence engine that is the heart of Analogy’s technology. It resembles the neuron mesh that wires human brain.

We took these funcional elements of the product and built up a visual symbol system to re-brand Analogy’s visual identity and we must say, it was one of the jobs we enjoyed most.

As the strategic partner of Analogy, we constantly develop their communication and branding along the way as they evolve and break the barriers of today’s semantic search powered AI solutions.


We have put a special emphasis during the design of the new identity to visualize context – as this is the core message of the service: to put raw data into context.

The brand is built on the message (raw data into context) and is extended to a wider symbol system that represents the complex human brain. Thus the logo symbolizes a brain that is built up from beads and the secondary visual elements represent neuron bunches.

The main color scheme is striking on its own: purple, blue and deep green. We used a neutral grey to support the energetic colors as well as to support them in the visualization of different brand symbols.

The logo is also dynamic, it can be edited to the special projects and for the partners that analogy works with.

Brand platforms

• Identity (logo, business card, letter paper, email signature)
• facebook page design